On the Level Carpentry - "Woodworking Magic"

On The Level Carpentry Custom Woodworking & Remodeling By Master Carpenter Cotton Batte of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Gandalf's StaffFish Tank
Gandalf's Staff Compare mine with what they made and tell me if you can detect any difference. fishtank He heard a cracking sound, a swoosh of water!  I got a call to make a Birch covering to make it look just right.
A Cabinet for All of Us Fay's E-bay
cabinet This was a cabinet for both humans and pets, and for its size, does all they wanted. ebay Her business was growing, her home was not. The garage was all she had left, so look at what we designed and I did.
Pella in Lakewood Cozy Cottage Shingles
Pella Pella, beautiful Pella, what more needs to be said about these beauties? cottage After 50 years even the best cedar shingles have got to be replaced.
Copy Cat The Sun Blocker
Copycat A dentist wanted his bathroom cabinet doors to match his new base cabinet and so we did. sunblocker This cabinet fills a window casement and blocks out the sun, great idea! A true two-for-one solution.
Birthday Girl's Bench Fuzzy Face Fence
bench This was a gift I made for my favorite birthday girl! Fence A 'dog rescue' friend asked me to help her keep the dogs where they belong .
Jets and Decks Turtle Creek Oasis
deck My client once was a fighter pilot and now he needed a new deck plus a Pella French door unit complete with 'side lights'. turtlecreek oasis Situated near the Mansion, it was the best restoration and client job I have ever had.
Paquet and MarblePella Bay
parquet_marble We installed a Parquet floor throughout, Oak stairs, custom marble hearth, new tile for closet and new paint throughout. windows An old metal bay window unit became a Pella Bay window and this home looked so much brighter.
Pella East Dallas Pella Garden
Pella East Dallas A beautiful East Dallas home got new Pella windows across the front of the home. pella garden A 'back-yard-farmer' wanted some new windows and chose Pella. He is happy now!
Bay View Winders SF 1987 Sacto Staircase
stairs I started building winding staircases in 1984 in San Francisco, California. This is one of the many staircases I took pictures of from 'way back' then. stairs A Sacramento Street home got a new Douglas Fir staircase and deck.
Sacto Shelving Pole Bed SF
shelves An interior designer wanted to make the best use of the bar in his small apartment. bed I made a bed frame of 8" and 4" thick fence posts.  I sanded everything smooth, drilled the 'through holes' and then assembled them.
Glass Bricks Wall Athereton, California
window A couple of bathrooms needed some light and some privacy. under construction My first California remodel back in 1989, ask me about it. I have a great story to go with it!
Airoldi Deck Angie and the Fence
deck This resurfacing of an old crosstie deck, made it possible for my client to walk on it. A couple of floods made the surface really uneven. Redwood fence My friend Angie wanted a Redwood fence for her new home and I got busy!
Floor Sand a Deck SF Arbor
floor sand deck  I had a bright idea, 'why not put a floor sander on this new deck." It turned out so beautiful, they loved it. Arbor I built a lovely arbor for a sportscaster in San Francisco in 1985. As the years went by, the foliage really filled in and made it look great.
Mother of All Fences  
fence Although this fence was only 40' long the concrete foundation I had to dig and then pour was a big project for such an inaccessible job site.