I'm Holly Copeland

Some of my hobbies are crafts like jewelry making and binding custom sketchbooks by hand. My hand-bound sketchbooks have sold in the Bay Street Art Gallery in Port Orchard, WA. I have also been a published children’s book illustrator since high school.

Art has been one of my interests since I was 3. When I was a kid, I used to draw a lot of dinosaurs. I also really liked all types of reptiles and amphibians, especially lizards. Occasionally in my free time, I catch pokemon and collect rocks, but also I spend a lot of time improving my portfolio and skills. I have also home-brewed a lot of kombucha and have an interest in the benefits of health supplements.

Photo of Me


Children's Books I've Illustrated

I co-illustrated The Little Garden with Ashton Davidson and A Hole in My Stocking with Melanie Lin. According to both Rhonda Johnson, the author of both and also the founder of "Beyond the Stars Books" publishing company, and Jeremy Grassman, an experienced art director involved, I was the best illustrator of the three. (Most talented, best work ethic, cared the most about the artwork, objectives, and books, and also had the best attitude to work with.) Rhonda Johnson said if she writes another book, she would want me to be the sole illustrator for it.

The Little Garden

A Hole in My Stocking