Animated GIF / Photoshop

Utilizes Photoshop animation tools including puppet warp tool, fade motion tween, and frame-by-frame animation in Photoshop to create an animated GIF banner advertisement. I created the concept for the Summerween outdoor Halloween festival hosted on the Renaissance fairgrounds. Crystal Head Vodka is trademarked by Globefill Inc. I am not affiliated with them and this was created for demonstration only.

2D Animation / Vector-Based Shapes

This animation depicts an exotic wilderness with novel animals inhabiting it as an advertisement for a fictional "Zoo of Strangeland" featuring hybrid animals. It was created with Flash, but Adobe Animate is alive and well and works similarly for 2D animation.

3D Model & Animation / AutoDesk Maya

Ball Bounce

This demonstrates 1 non-living ball and 1 character (as an autonomous ball) interacting, expressing emotion, and utilizing the principles of animation in its movement.

Biped Walk Cycle / Traditional

Demonstrates basic biped walk cycle in traditional hand-drawn animation with a character named "Preston" featured in a traditional animation textbook.

Quadruped Walk Cycle /

Schnauzer Walk Cycle

Demonstrates basic quadruped walk cycle in traditional hand-drawn animation.