Q-Score Digital Imaging

Not only did I digital merge images together, but I also photographed several images myself that were used in part of the design.

Q-Quest Informational Card and Poster

First, photographs were taken of co-workers from the roof. Then I digitally placed all the people from the photographs into the shape of a Q. Photos were edited to change colors of shirts and other clothing on the people and added shadows underneath every person.

Wide-Angle Shots Stitched Together From Multiple Photos

The left image is a wide-angle image created by stitching multiple photos together. The right image is the same image, but with digital corrections applied to the distortion and colors of the image.

Outdoor Wide-Angle Shot Stitched Together

This image is a wide-angle shot created from 51 photos stitched together. Then it was digitally enhanced with distortion and color corrections to create the final result.
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No Comp T-Shirt

This shirt was created for a fitness business called No Comp. No Comp is short for No Competition. A Photograph of basketball players playing basketball fills a bold sports font.

Hanger Project & BAM Web Banners

Both of these website banners are composed of several images merged together. The bottom one is less obviously made from several images, but it includes several different background images merged together, the colors, lighting, and shadows on the truck were altered. The logo was also digitally placed on the truck.

Before and After Truck Billboard

Digitally Edited Truck Billboard

The left image is the original photograph. The right image is digitally edited to display a different advertisement for Kersh Health on the side of the truck instead of the one in the original photograph.