Joe's Construction Cruisers

Joe’s Construction Cruser’s had video clips, sound and a concept for a short animated ad, but they needed editing to put it together. I edited their video clips to sync with the music and made their brand recognizable by adding their logo into the bottom left of the screen and their slogan at the end of the video compilation.

Ad for On the Level Carpentry & General Building Contractor

My filming, editing, voice, and sound recording were used to create a short video ad. It is in a format that is easy to share with viewers and followers on websites, emails, and social media for digital marketing.

Brain Buffet Snowboarding Interview

Brain Buffet needed editing of several long video clips they had. I strategically edited cut scenes, music, and dialog to make the video visually engaging to retain more interest. Breaking up dialogue scenes keeps them from becoming stagnant while simultaneously showcasing Joe's snowboarding action.

Learn About Microraptor

This video describes microraptor biology, paleontology and its context to drawing, painting, and animating microraptor. I did video recording, editing, original microraptor drawing, and 2D microraptor animation, and took the photograph depicting both microraptor toys.

Summerween Short Animated Ad

Any animation can easily be used to make a GIF or an animated video. - Link to Example

Summerween is a summer festival for Halloween fans who just can’t wait until October to have some Halloween fun. They needed a short animated banner in the form of a GIF, so I created one for them using animation capabilities of Photoshop. It displays to viewers the name of the event, time, dates, location, and website.

Crystal Head Vodka is trademarked by Globefill Inc. I am not affiliated with them. This was created for demonstration only.