Comedian Harry Llama

Harry Llama

The Life and Legacy of Harry Llama

Harry Llama grew up as a llama farmer on a llama farm. Some would almost say he was raised by llamas. He has bushy hair like a llama and still eats grass occasionally out of habit. He says it saves money on groceries like salad and also lawnmowers.

His life was good, but one day, aliens abducted all his llamas, so he could not support himself as a llama farmer anymore and had to find a new career. He started working at a local bar performing as a stand-up comedian. He was a huge hit at small local bars in surrounding communities. It took years of hard work, but he got accepted onto American Idol and made it to the top five.

The exposure from American Idol helped him generate enough money to start his own traveling show and a new pet llama, but he still misses his old llamas that were abducted by aliens and worries about thier safety. Visit the "Connect" page to view locations and times for his upcoming shows.

His comedic power is growing. Soon he will be annoying enough the aliens will be forced to acknowledge him and bring back his other llamas as a bribe to make him stop emitting sounds from his mouth. Help him grow his fame, fortune, and influence by following him on social media. Do it for the good of fluffy llamas abducted by aliens!

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