This is a persona for represents the user demographic for users are active participants in social media. Susan as a persona represents the type of people who will publicly comment on posts and are more likely to retweet information or share events and invites publicly on their social media profiles. They will engage in active discussions with other users following the social media content of comedian Harry Llama.


This is a persona for based on the user demographic for users who lurk on the website and consume content but do not actively participate in social media posts or discussions. Jess represents a follower and a fan, but does not actively participate in social media for comedian Harry Llama through discussions or interact with other followers online. They may occasionally share content and contribute indirectly to marketing, but not engage as much as an active user, especially with other followers in discussions and comments. Jess is still a fan and will likely make some purchases and contribute to marketing, but will be less engaged socially with other followers than users like Susan.

There could also easily be another lurker type persona created for people who might be more extroverted and social, but prefer to attend in-person events and is less interested in online interaction and social media.


Research on the demographics of consumers for was conducted and concluded one of the primary demographics were young Millenials. A large percentage of the consumers were people in the fields of art, liberal arts, and people who practiced yoga. Those interests are a little hippie-ish, so this persona was based on that demographic.

Some other groups of demographics were athletes and professionals employed in the medical, or sometimes military field. It would also benefit Lucky Vitamin to have a persona designed for that group and orient their design for a balanced appeal for both major groups of their personas for their customer base.

Persona of the Director/Owner of a Creative Agency

This is an example of a persona that includes a custom design created with Adobe Illustrator.

Employer Persona

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This is should be a prospective customer's number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.