The Spice Kitchen

Cover design and interior page designs for "The Spice Kitchen" cookbook. Text is adjusted with appropriate consideration for text alignment, widows, orphans, leading, and kerning.

View sample pre-press file of pages prepared for print.

Women's Self-Defense Flyer Front

Created original artwork, logo, and grunge effects for this half-sheet flyer. It is designed to be very economical to print in black and white and can be printed with 2 or 4 copies of it per sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. It can be printed on colored paper and have additional information printed on the back.

Women's Self-Defense Flyer Back

Designed cover and created 3D rendition of the book advertised. This advertisement was used on the back side of the women's self-defense flyer featured above. Both sides are fully utilized to maximize the utility of the flyer.

Razoyo T-Shirt Design

Original drawn vector illustration in tattoo art style. Created for the web development company Razoyo. The sword is flanked with flaming roses to the right and to the left of it there are Venus Fly Traps shooting lighting at wasps.

Karma Poster

Karma is a green energy efficient car company. This poster is to advertise a grand opening of the Karma dealership. Can be made with a die cut, but also looks great printed on a standard sized poster with a white background.