Review: WordPress vs Coded from Scratch

WordPress Pros:

More Scalable
Easier for more people to update
Capable of integrating a wide range of features (eg: RSS feeds, etc)
Faster than learning (a/several) new programming languages
Professional layout is easy and fast (because of templates)
Still customizable
Free version is hardly cutomizeable
Costs more to implement
More need for technical support for the installation
Free plugins available
More practice with CMS, which can be a valuable skill

WordPress Cons:

This site takes up a lot of space compared to my smaller hand-coded ones
If one thing breaks, it can screw up your whole site and be much more confusing than one you actually built yourself and understand how to fix. You'll definitely need backups!
Backups themselves take up more space
Usually need to pay to access pro versions of plugins
Less practice with coding

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