Adobe XD was used to create this demonstration of three high-fidelity wireframes for the homepage of Harry Llama's website on three different devices (PC, tablet, & mobile phone).


Balsamiq was used to create three versions of wireframe mockups of homepage and interior pages: one for desktop view, one for mobile, and one for tablet view.


Other UI & UX Related Skills & Training

  • User Personas (Based on Marketing Research for Target Demographics)
  • Marketing Research
  • User Experience Mapping
  • Designing and Conducting User Testing (Examples Below)


A/B User Testing

A/B testing is conducted on websites to evaluate the effectiveness of a website or application's user interface, navigation, layout, graphics, content, and ease of use. I do not own the rights to these brands, websites, or companies. I performed the following A/B Tests for demonstration purposes and am making the results of my tests available online. I am not affiliated with Welcome to Night Vale or Taco Bell.

Welcome to Night Vale Logo

A/B Testing for WelcomeToNightVale.com

I chose to conduct an A/B test for welcomtonightvale.com using participants who were not familiar with the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, brand, or website for an individual assignment at Arizona State University.

See Usability Test Design, Test Results, and Analysis:
Usability Testing Full Report
Additional Site Screenshots

Taco Bell

A/B Testing and Usability Evaluation Report for TacoBell.com

Thorough UI testing was designed and conducted as a group assignment in UI Design class at Arizona State University. Evaluation of the results includes heuristics and recommendations for improvement. I conducted user testing for our group and assisted with the rest.

Nielson Heuristic Evaluation
A/B Test Participant 1 Raw Data
A/B Test Participant 2 Raw Data
Results and Recommendations
User Personas for TacoBell.com
Personal Work Breakdown of Group Members