Harry Llama

Comedian Harry Llama's Social Media Website

Widgets and API Mashups are utilized to integrate interactive social media features into Comedian Harry Llama's Website.
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Drawing Dinosaurs

Drawing Dinosaurs
JavaScript Website

Drawing Dinosaurs is an educational website about dinosaurs and how to draw them. Includes hand-coded interactive JavaScript features.
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Glacier Peak Comp
Glacier Peak Mobile

Glacier Peak Mountaintop Resort Comp

Designed logo, branding, and layouts for pages. A large photo was used as the focus on the homepage to emphasize the beauty of the resort.


Coding Exercises

Responsively Sized Image

Responsively Sized Image File Display

Media queries are implemented to load a different-sized image file based on the size of the browser window. This saves load time by avoiding loading unnecessarily large files.
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Regex Exercise 1

Order Form with JavaScript Regex

Regex code added to an existing form to display custom error messages to users. Javascript code was also added to enable the display to the right of the form of input from the user.
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Monster Order Form
Monster Regex 2
Monster Regex 1

Customized Order Form with JavaScript Regex

I customized an order form and coded the regex code to display custom error messages to users. Input from the users into the top section of the form is also displayed on the right.
Customized Regex Form